Corchen is Czech band from Kladruby, small town in west Bohemia. We play Irish traditional music and music from „celtic“ regions (Scottland, Brittany and Asturia). Since our beginning in 2007 the band made long way to get the sound balanced between proper traditional „pub“ interpretation and modern feeling of Irish (and other) folk music. Thanks to several trips to Ireland and Scotland, visiting Willie Clancy Summer School and many other lectures and sessions here and there, Corchen has what to offer for listeners in Czech Republic and not only there.

New CD „Ovečka“  (Little Sheep) released in 2012!

Band members: 

Jura – whistles, vocal, bladder pipe and bodhran

Markét – double bass

Anička – fiddle

Stáňa – guitar (irish tuning)

Lucie – uilleann pipes, whistles

We are happy to play on your festival, gig, celebrations, pubs or wherever it suits, just drop a message



Kdy a kam na Corchen


♣ Slunovrat, Kladruby


♣ Viking horse day, Milevo


♣ Keltské odpoledne, Lčovice u Prachatic

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

Keltský den Lčovice. Letos již 15. ročník se opět vydařil. Počasí přálo, lidé se bavili a my jsme si to užili.😀 ... See MoreSee Less